Professional advice
Our activity is based on many years of experience in the field of jurisprudence combined with non-standard tactical decisions and professionalism of each team member.
Comprehensive support of private clients
Our clients can be sure that they will receive comprehensive information about their request, professional support at each stage of cooperation and will be able to achieve the desired results.
Support of real estate
Support of legal entities
Business support
Support of IT companies
Support of construction companies
Legal examination of the agreement includes:
- analysis of current legislation related to your real estate,
- consultation,
- verification of documents,
- inspection of real estate,
- negotiations,
- preparation of all necessary documents for the transaction,
- legal support on the agreement (acquisition-alienation) of real estate,
- notarization of the agreement.
The package of services provided on a permanent basis includes:
- consultations on various issues of the enterprise, explanation of legislative innovations;
- examination and preparation of contracts, internal documentation;
- inspection of counterparties for transactions, investors, participation in negotiations;
- development of draft contracts;
- support of labor relations;
- registration actions;
- presence of lawyers during tax inspections, representation in government agencies.
Specialists of the Law Office of Zoriana Pelekh will advise you:
- what documents are required for registration of real estate in the property;
- check them;
- will tell you how to properly register the purchased property on a legal basis and with minimal financial costs.
Full legal support of business from the Law Office of Zoriana Pelekh includes:
- a team of professional lawyers specializing in providing services to business entities;
- detailed reading of agreements before signing, elimination of problematic issues in communication with regulatory authorities;
- consultations, preparation of documents, legal analysis, participation in negotiations, representation of interests in state bodies and courts, etc.
For IT professionals, legal support and advice are especially important. That is why the Law Office of Zoriana Pelekh provides a number of special services for IT companies:
- Accompaniment of each employee;
- Support in concluding an employment contract;
- Risks in labor conflict;
- Support in the purchase of real estate of each employee, as well as inspection of real estate in the Unified Register;
and other.
Individual services
Many years of experience in the field of jurisprudence combined with non-standard tactical solutions allow us to effectively and timely achieve the desired result for our clients.
Trademark registration
Corporate law
Explanations and advice in land legislation
Legal conclusions
Registration of individuals and legal entities
According to the letter of the law, a trademark (TM) is an object of copyright and intellectual property, a trademark and logo, a mark for goods and services, registered in the manner prescribed by law.
Corporate rights are the rights of a person whose share is determined in the authorized capital (property) of a business organization, including the authority to participate in the management of the business organization, receiving a certain share of profits (dividends) of the organization and assets in case of liquidation, as well as other powers provided by law and statutory documents.
State registration of legal entities - official recognition by state certification of the creation or termination of a legal entity, certification of the relevant status of a public association, trade union, its organization or association, political party, employers organization, associations of employers' organizations and their symbols, changes in the information contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individuals - Entrepreneurs and Public Associations, about a legal entity, as well as other registration actions provided by the Law of Ukraine "On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individuals - Entrepreneurs and Public Associations».
System of legislative and by-laws in the field of land relations. The central legislative act of land legislation is Ukraine. According to Art. 4 of the Land Code of Ukraine, the task of land legislation is to regulate land relations in order to ensure the right to land of citizens, legal entities, territorial communities and the state, the rational use and protection of land.
A legal opinion can be called a document drawn up in writing on the basis of the knowledge of a lawyer. Such a document is prepared at the request of the Client. In it the lawyer on the basis of the knowledge and experience gives answers to the questions put by the Client and gives the information which is necessary to know within a problem. Also, the legal opinion often contains information about what may be the negative consequences, risks.
Due Diligence
Legalization (apostille)
Notarial acts
The procedure of detailed independent inspection of the investment object, carried out on behalf of investors to form in them an objective idea of the investment object. It is usually preceded by the purchase of a business, a merger, the signing of a contract or cooperation.
These are certain actions that aim to give the papers legal force in a certain country. The ultimate goal is to submit them to the official bodies or structures of another state. Legalization is a procedure that is required, for example, for your power of attorney issued in Uruguay to be valid in another country. It is often ordered for immigration.
A notarial act can be defined as a certificate of indisputable facts by bodies and officials who are obliged by law to perform these actions that have legal significance in order to provide them with legal credibility. Such actions are entrusted to state and private notaries, consular offices of Ukraine, as well as in settlements where there are no notaries, notarial acts provided for in Article 37 of the Law of Ukraine "On Notaries" are performed by authorized officials of local governments.
Expert assessment of property, business, securities (shares) and intellectual property
In Law Office of Zoriana Pelekh you can also get an expert assessment of property, business, securities (shares) and intellectual property from a leading expert — Andrian Pelio.
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