A drop of blood is the beginning of the sea of life
At the end of April, our company plans to hold a donation day in our Office. After all, we know how difficult the situation with donor blood in Ukraine is. Donation is not just about donating blood or blood components. Donation is about a person, his care for himself and empathy for others. It is about exchanging the precious energy contained in every drop of blood and water that is the basis of life. That's why the Law Office of Zoriana Pelekh invites you to join the program "Become a donor with the Law Office of Zoriana Pelekh", because one person's donation can save the lives of three patients. If you are interested in receiving more detailed information - write to us in messengers and we will definitely answer all your questions.

Become a donor with the Law office of Zoriana Pelekh❤️
A charity event took place on June 2 "A drop of blood - the beginning of the sea of life"
First of all, we want to thank everyone who joined. Thanks to your support, we are inspired to initiate more social events. Thank you for helping to make the world a better place.
"When we started preparing for the charity event and inviting people, at that moment we came to understand what an urgent and serious problem it is. Our society is very reluctant to agree to participate in such initiatives. After talking to the people who supported us, I realized how important it is to promote and develop such a charitable direction. And although we are a small company, this is only the beginning of our socially responsible development. "- Zoryana Pelekh.
It is very important for us that we can do good things with such tremendous support.

This is just the beginning, so if you could not join us this time - follow our social networks, we will be sure to warn about the next charity event.

Cooperation with the Tabletochki Foundation
The mission of the foundation is to create conditions for quality medical, psychological care and full life of children with cancer and their families in Ukraine during and after treatment.
From now on, working with us, you also support the initiative to help the Tabletochki Foundation.
The fund account
will receive
% of each notarial service
% of each legal services
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